SoftServe Pro 2.0 for iPhone

Posted on March 19, 2015

Update 3/23/2015: This app update was posted this morning (Monday) and should now be available to all users.

We're pleased to announce the upcoming release of version 2.0 of our iPhone app. We'll release the app int the app store on Monday March 23, 2015. With the new version come some important changes to be aware of.

Device Authorization

Beginning with version 2.0, mobile users will no longer login directly on the iPhone. Instead, each device will need to be authorized from within SoftServe Pro. This prevents technicians from sharing passwords and gives administrators the ability to terminate the access of former employees.

To authorize devices, select Mobile Devices from the Administration menu. Next to the menu item, you'll find an indicator to let you know how many devices need to be authorized.

To authorize a device, simply click on the Assigned User dropdown and select a user. For most companies, a default route is not required (or even preferred). Selecting a default route for a device will eliminate the need for small companies to assign a user to each schedule each day.


As with technicians, helpers cannot be selected in the new iPhone app. Instead, they should be assigned to route ahead of time. The helper assignment screen can be found in the route dropdown on the schedule screen (where Assign User used to be found). Any helpers assigned to the route will be added to invoices as they are closed, both with the new iPhone app and with the web app.

Closing invoices and adding payments

Much like the web app, the new iPhone app now separates the process of closing the appointment from that of adding a payment. This allows for partial payments and allows for multiple credit card payments on a single job. Because the invoice does not have any payment when it's closed, invoice emails are now delayed 15 minutes to give the tech a chance to enter payment information. Because balancing payment is no longer a requirement, techs will have to take extra care to remember to enter payment information.

Other considerations

The new iPhone app was not designed to be used with multiple sites. Switching sites may result in undesired behavior. If a user must switch sites, the device should first be deleted from the first site and the user should first delete and reinstall the iPhone app.

The new iPhone app does not require the entire site name to be entered, but rather only the prefix (e.g. demo should be entered, not Additionally, there is no longer any need to go to Settings before opening the app. Upon first launch, the app will prompt the user for a site prefix.

As usual, any questions should be directed to